The Freeze Dry difference

How is Cellular Fraction Line Technology (CFL)
better for supplements?

At Earth Story, we have ensured the best manufacturers and suppliers to keep our products are of the highest standard available. Having healthy mushrooms is great, but the process is super important in retraining the quality of product and ensuring optimal bioavailability. Our Lion’s Mane and Reishi products are freeze-dried with our Northern Thailand commercial partners, using their patented CFL technology.

Advantages of CFL technology

Cellular Fraction-Line Technology (CFL) is a key element in the creation of our functional super foods and nutraceuticals. This process allows Thai Freeze Dry to preserve whole foods in their fresh form, maintaining the medicinal bioactivity of a live plant while providing the safety of a stable (preserved) commodity. This is essentially freeze drying but with a dynamic twist. This evolutionary and transitional process provides a highly bioactive, stable, bio-available and concentrated product that is not subject to microbial or enzymatic spoilage.

CFL is unique in that the motion of the frozen raw materials (flying around in a vortex) and sublimation of the ice structure causes the plant tissue to fracture along the weak points – between the layers of the cell walls sustaining cellular integrity and the bioactive extracellular matrix.

Exposure of the entire surface area to be dried results in “even” drying which preserves cell wall structure and preserves the biochemical makeup of the plant as it exists in nature. In addition to higher bioactivity this process results in porous particles that are easier to absorb and are, therefore, more bioavailable. Higher bioactivity combined with higher bio-availability make all of our CFL bio-activate botanicals significantly more effective.

We describe Cellular Faction-Line Technology as “transitional” and it is, in fact, part of a wave of transformation that challenges us to change the way we view or place in nature and the relationship between our physiology and our consciousness.

The analysis and measurement of targeted chemical compounds is a valid analytical tool, but does not fully explain the body’s adaptive mechanisms. Cellular Fraction-Line Technology takes you beyond the chemistry per se. CFL takes a holistic approach that includes the subtle mechanisms of nature operating with intelligence through patterns of association and encoded information.