What is Lions Mane Mushroom?

Everyone is talking about functional mushrooms, and the most popular is Lion’s Mane. Google analytics show hundreds of thousands of people have searched for this amazing mushroom.

The mushroom has been used for thousands of years already… Why all the hype now?

More and more people have turned to Lion’s Mane for the benefits to their minds and bodies. What makes Lion’s Mane amazing is that it contains Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) – which, shown in animal studies, promotes the growth of cells in the brain. No pharmaceutical medicine is able to replicate NGF as well as nature.  

Most people take Lion’s Mane Mushroom to:

Improve memory (due to Nerve Growth Factor)
Reduce brain fog
Support immune system
Help reduce cholesterol (due to Beta-Glucans)
Help support digestive health
Improve mood and flow
Improve focus and creativity

Who takes Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

Individuals wanting to improve cognitive function
People wanting to optimize their business performance

Older people wanting to feel younger
Creatives and entrepreneurs
People suffering brain fog or long-covid infection  

What are Beta Glucans?

Beta Glucans, also written β-glucans, is the soluble fiber of functional mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail etc. Beta Glucans provide many of the mushroom’s benefits, including helping to defend against infections, lowering blood sugar and as some studies suggest, help the body fight cancer. 

Since Earth Story uses the whole fruiting body mushrooms (not powdered Mycelium or spores like some other brands) our products contain a minimum of 30% beta-glucan content. 

The Freeze Dry difference 

Earth Story uses only the highest quality freeze-dry extraction methods. Our products are full spectrum with great bioavailability, retaining high levels of beneficial compounds.

Having healthy mushrooms is great, but the production process is super important in retraining the quality of product and ensuring optimal bioavailability. 

 Some manufacturers over process their product using heat and spray the mushroom info a dust, causing damage to the product. Manufacturers will claim this creates a strong extract.

Utilizing patented Cellular Fractal Line technology (CFL), a state of the art facility has been built in Northern Thailand, the first of its kind in the world, to create the world’s most pure superfoods.